For three generations, the Librandi family has been a steadfast supporter of the country, its wealth and what it has represented for the world of wine, and most importantly what it will represent in the future. The tradition begins with Gaglioppo and Greco and the large amount of native varieties present on the territory of the region. Beginning with rootstock seedlings historically used in the area, and the teachings of experienced winemakers and their skills rooted in the centuries-long history of Cirotano winemaking.
It then turned to the leading experts in the viticulture and oenology sector, knowing that careful research would allow the viticultural heritage to be established, preserved and enhanced. Today the Librandi family knows that the initial intuition was correct and that some of the most beautiful pages of Calabrian oenology have yet to be written.

Librandi Antonio & Nicodemo SpA
SS 106 - C.da S. Gennaro - 88811
Ciro Marina (KR)
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