The Casa del Vino is located among the hilly vineyards of Tenuta Madre in Piane di Maggio in Frisa, a small town in the province of Chieti. The very name Piane di Maggio promises recurring springs and generous fruits, grown with love and respect for the land.
Built in 2005, the winery is a low-impact structure of over 2000 square meters, completely integrated into the gentle landscape covered with olive groves and geometrically ordered rows, and powered by a photovoltaic system for renewable energy.
The Amedeo De Luca and Antonio Patricelli families form a partnership that goes beyond local events. They find each other and support each other in a pact of mutual solidarity, united by the care of the fields where the vineyards were planted and the sharing of important moments of family life.
Today Amedeo takes care of the agronomic aspect and production, Antonio is the sales manager: they are the yin and yang that find their balance in constant dialogue. The constant and unstoppable growth of the Collefrisio winery is due to the mix of their characters: a lot of passion, maximum commitment and discipline, coupled with a pinch of healthy irreverence.

Collefrisio SRL
Loc. Piane di Maggio
66030 Frisa (CH)

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