Tenuta di Biserno

The project began in 2001 when the brothers Lodovico and Piero Antinori, together with their nephew Niccolò Marzichi Lenzi (company manager), their sister Ilaria's son and their partner Umberto Mannoni, decided to bring the property to life. This is how they wrote the history of the Tenuta di Biserno and the Tenuta Campo di Sasso.

The winery is located in the municipality of Bibbona in the Alta Maremma and borders the old town of Bolgheri to the north.

The exceptional terroir, the unique Bolgheri conglomerate and the natural conditions such as wind, soil and climate allow vines of the highest quality to grow, which stand for the success of the wines and make them unique, authentic and unmistakable.

Tenuta di Biserno Soc. Agr. a.r.l.
Palazzo Gardini - Piazza Gramsci, 9
57020 Bibbona (LI), Italia
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