Jermann embodies the story of a passion that touches people from afar. When Anton Jermann, the founder, left the Austrian wine-growing region of Burgenland and later the vines in Slovenia to put down roots in Friuli Venezia Giulia, it was 1881. Here the winegrower continued his activity and in the seventies it came thanks to the Silvio Jermann's ingenuity and imagination to that groundbreaking turn that brought the company to the top of the wine industry in Italy and in the world. The Jermann property now extends over 200 hectares, of which 170 hectares are vineyards and 20 hectares are arable and horticultural land. The company communicates with the whole world on a daily basis, but still sticks to those things that make a wine a great wine. The love for the land is the cornerstone of this agricultural company, a pearl of the Collio known for its grandiose white wines and robust traditional reds.

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