Castello Colle Massari

Wine has been made in Montecucco since Etruscan times, a tradition continued today by Maria Iris Bertarelli and Claudio Tipa, who acquired the vineyard in 1998 as the heart of the domain that was their vision. ColleMassari produced its first vintage in 2000 and in 2014 the group was voted "Cellar of the Year" by the prestigious Gambero Rosso Guide.

The Castello ColleMassari winery is located in Cinigiano on the foothills of Monte Amiata, at about 320 meters above sea level. It is around 40 km northeast of Grosseto in the DOC Montecucco, which is known for its particularly favorable microclimate. The Castello ColleMassari is not a 100% medieval castle, that is, the residence of a feudal seigneury. Its structure is more reminiscent of a fortified hamlet or even more of a «grancia». It is a protected agricultural company founded by Cistercian monks and the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena in the 8th century. During this time they launched together an agricultural system between Siena and Maremma that consisted of 22 «grance». This also explains the name «Massari». In the Middle Ages, the name "massari" or "massaro" referred to a farm manager. It was important that the farmhouse was in the center (massa) of the zone.

COLLEMASSARI S.p.A. Società Agricola
Via di Porta Pinciana 6
00187 Roma (RM)
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