Louis Roederer

The cuvées of the house of Louis Roederer result from the interaction of many factors: the patience to defy the elements, the meeting of different talents, the art of balance and the robust, rich grapes, firmly rooted in the soil of Champagne - the result is a wine with a sunny soul and crystalline elegance.
One of the last great family-owned houses in Champagne

When the esthete and entrepreneur Louis Roederer inherited the house in 1833, he had a vision in mind: he wanted to expand his winery so that he could control all the winemaking steps. This is how he brought out a unique style, esprit and taste. In the middle of the 19th century, Louis Roederer, contrary to the custom of the time, bought selected areas on the soils of the Grands Crus of Champagne, where he proceeded selectively and trusted his instincts.
While other people were buying grapes, he dedicated himself to the vineyards with all his love: he familiarized himself with the character of each plot and purposefully bought only the best. He was convinced that the personality of a great wine is first and foremost shaped by the soil. The House of Louis Roederer, which bears his name from now on, owes its great reputation to his love of tradition and his clear-sighted plans for the future. His successor, Louis Roederer II, carried on the vision of champagne production and the development of the winery as an asset with the same instinctive daring.

Champagne Louis Roederer
21. boulevard Lundy. CS 40014
51722 Reims Cedex France
Louis Roederer Champagner Brut Rosé Vintage 2011
Pink color with pretty golden reflections. Gentle, finely rising perlage. Wonderful string of bubbles. Intense, fresh and fruity bouquet. A creamy composition of slightly sour, fresh red fruits (wild strawberries, blueberries) with a nice, subtle sweetness...
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