Italy - Campania

The Campania region is located in the southwest of Italy, along the Tyrrhenian coast and near the “boot instep”. Here too, viticulture goes back to the Etruscans, making it one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Italy. By Greek colonists before 1,000 BC. Founded in the 1st century BC, viticulture was perfected by the Romans. Around 25,600 hectares of vineyards are mainly on the mainland and only small areas can be found on the islands of Capri and Ischia. Sun-drenched slopes, protective mountains and volcanic soils provide an ideal basis for viticulture. The higher areas are particularly suitable for red wine varieties due to the hot and dry summers and cold winters. There is still a lot of potential here that is not yet fully exploited due to the poverty of this region and the devastation caused by earthquakes in the 1960s.
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