In South Tyrol, wine-growing cooperatives are not uncommon, on the contrary - they are part of the South Tyrolean culture. That is why the mixed farming practiced to this day is mostly a combination of viticulture and fruit growing. There are therefore many grape producers with comparatively small areas under cultivation, for whom it would be too expensive to vinify the wine themselves and who therefore joined forces a long time ago.

The Tramin winery, founded in 1898 and thus one of the oldest wineries in South Tyrol, today cultivates 260 hectares of vineyards in and around the famous wine town of Tramin. This is where the “Traminer” and “Gewürztraminer” grape varieties, which are now widespread around the world, have their home and this is where they got their name. The families of the 300 co-owners (producers) of the Tramin winery have lived in South Tyrol for centuries. They are literally rooted in their land and the nature that reigns here. They see themselves as part of the landscape. The structure of the Tramin winery has therefore grown organically, the formerly small mountain farmers united to work more efficiently and to ensure their preservation. This resulted in today's Cantina Tramin, which sees itself as a kind of big family that sticks together and passionately pursues their goals together. The strength of the cooperative lies in its networked structure. Despite its size, the company has the opportunity to operate like a small private winery, which allows for a high level of flexibility and quick decision-making. Depending on requirements, the vines and grapes are given individual care throughout the year until they are harvested quickly at the best time in autumn. The large number of co-owners guarantees individual, intensive vineyard work and precise harvesting with optimal physiological maturity. This care as well as the rich experience and the prudent and clear specifications of cellar master Willi Stürz provide the basis for the consistently high quality of the wines.

Cantina Tramin
Strada del Vino 144
39040 Termeno (BZ) Italy
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