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We warmly welcome you to our online shop at Lillys Weinshop. Since 2014 you will find what you are looking for if you are looking for wines from the beautiful regions of Italy. But we also have a wide range of spirits from all over the world, as well as champagne and sparkling wines. In the meantime, we have also included a small selection of wines from Spain and the USA and are constantly expanding our portfolio.

Our offer is aimed specifically at private individuals and not at commercial sellers. Therefore we do not offer any special discounts for traders.

We do not have a salesroom, we only sell our goods online. Shipping takes place daily on working days via UPS from our shipping warehouse and is usually delivered within Germany after 1-2 working days. The ordered goods can be picked up from our shipping warehouse in 61184 Karben. You will receive the exact address by email after the goods have been made available for collection.

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Batida de Coco
Brazilian joie de vivre and pure enjoyment, on ice, as an exotic long drink or sophisticated cocktail, Batida de Côco is perfect for mixing cool drinks and cocktails. The recipe is so secret that it has always been...
old Price: 10,80 EUR
Only 9,10 EUR
13,00 EUR per liter
Bushmills Black Bush
A remarkable Irish whiskey. It matured in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks for up to 7 years. Perfect for every day.
old Price: 26,30 EUR
Only 23,50 EUR
33,57 EUR per liter
Disaronno Originale
The Italian liqueur enchants the senses with its unmistakable, pleasant aroma: fruity bitter almonds (Armelline) meet sweet Madagascar vanilla and pure caramelized sugar. Refined...
old Price: 17,60 EUR
Only 14,60 EUR
20,86 EUR per liter
Absolut Vodka
In 1879 Lars Olsson Smith discovered continuous distillation which allowed him to create a very fine and smooth vodka which he called Absolut Rent Brännvin. For the production he used only natural ingredients...
old Price: 17,10 EUR
Only 13,50 EUR
19,29 EUR per liter
Campari is the world-famous aperitif classic from Italy in an unmistakable red colour. The Italian aperitif has been produced in Novara since 1860 according to a secret original recipe. Intense aromas of bitter herbs...
old Price: 16,40 EUR
Only 12,90 EUR
18,43 EUR per liter
Johnnie Walker White Walker Game of Thrones Limited Edition
The Scotch has notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla, fresh red berries and hints of an orchard. It combines single malts from two of Scotland's most northerly distilleries: Cardhu and Clynelish.
old Price: 38,90 EUR
Only 29,90 EUR
42,71 EUR per liter
42° Below
The clear purity and the mild taste make 42 Below one of the world's best vodkas. It is distilled in New Zealand and enjoys cult status there. He enjoys an excellent reputation in the bar scene, as the 42 Below...
old Price: 18,80 EUR
Only 16,80 EUR
24,00 EUR per liter
Fies mirabelle water Kastelburg
The Mirabelle is a subspecies of the plum. Mirabelle is often confused with the cherry plum, which is similar in size and shape. The yellow fruit belongs to the stone fruit family. The fruit brandy...
old Price: 12,90 EUR
Only 11,10 EUR
15,86 EUR per liter
Bulldog Gin
Bulldog Gin is the modern interpretation of the classic London Dry Gin. The outstanding premium gin with a uniquely smooth taste was first presented in New York in 2007 and is already...
old Price: 24,90 EUR
Only 20,60 EUR
29,43 EUR per liter
Caffo Vecchio Amaro del Capo
29 herbs, blossoms, fruits and roots from Calabria combine to create an intense experience of pleasure: the bittersweet taste of oranges, the delicate notes of orange blossoms and camomile, the intensity...
old Price: 14,60 EUR
Only 12,90 EUR
18,43 EUR per liter
Jim Beam Devil's Cut
This extra long aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made with the extracted liquid from the wood of the casks. We bottle this blend at 45% for a particularly deep and complex...
old Price: 22,40 EUR
Only 18,90 EUR
27,00 EUR per liter
Birkenhof Old Raspberry
An extraordinary, fine raspberry spirit - matured in cognac casks of the best quality. Sensitively tuned by the master distiller, it convinces with a full fruity taste of freshly harvested...
old Price: 18,30 EUR
Only 16,30 EUR
32,60 EUR per liter
Ballantine's Finest
Slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla. The perfect base for a drink to start the evening. Ballantine's very first formula. Start the evening with a whiskey that has stayed true to its original recipe since 1910.
old Price: 16,60 EUR
Only 14,50 EUR
20,71 EUR per liter
Fies fruit water Kastelburg
Black Forest fruit brandy made from apples and pears.
old Price: 9,30 EUR
Only 8,20 EUR
11,71 EUR per liter
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
JACK DANIEL'S Old No. 7 meets real honey. For a unique taste that is unmistakably JACK. With notes of honey and roasted nuts and a naturally mild finish, JACK DANIEL'S...
old Price: 24,90 EUR
Only 20,50 EUR
29,29 EUR per liter
Jim Beam White
Elegant, soft and refined. This is the result of 4 years of aging in freshly flamed American white oak barrels. Every drop is worth the effort - especially since it's great-great-grandfather's recipe.
old Price: 15,80 EUR
Only 12,30 EUR
17,57 EUR per liter
Birkenhof Old Williams Pear
This fine Williams pear spirit traditionally matures in top-quality cognac casks before the master distillers sweeten it naturally with great sensitivity and the juice of fully ripe pears. The result is a...
old Price: 18,30 EUR
Only 16,30 EUR
32,60 EUR per liter
Bombay Bramble
A bold new gin packed with 100% natural flavors of freshly picked blackberries and raspberries. With colors and flavors from a 100% natural fruit infusion with no added sugar - perfect for colorful cocktail creativity.
old Price: 23,20 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
28,43 EUR per liter
Drambuie (40% ABV) is a Scottish honey liqueur, carefully crafted with a secret blend of aged Scotch whiskey, herbs, gentle spices and real Scottish heather honey...
old Price: 26,60 EUR
Only 21,50 EUR
30,71 EUR per liter
Fernet Branca Menta
Branca Menta is an Amaro with a fine mint note. It is stored in handcrafted oak barrels as Fernet-Branca for over a year. Only then will Branca Menta...
old Price: 17,50 EUR
Only 14,50 EUR
20,71 EUR per liter
Bushmills The Original
A light, fruity whiskey with toffee and chocolate tones.
old Price: 19,90 EUR
Only 17,70 EUR
25,29 EUR per liter
Fernet Branca
Fernet-Branca is the world's largest and best-known bitter. Unchanged and secret recipe since 1845. Fernet-Branca is aged in Slavonian oak barrels for about a year, has a light brown color...
old Price: 17,50 EUR
Only 14,50 EUR
20,71 EUR per liter
Linie Aquavit
LINIE Aquavit has been made in Norway since 1821 using the same recipe. It is distilled from potatoes and then in a pot still with a blend of herbs and spices to a fine clear...
old Price: 23,30 EUR
Only 17,90 EUR
25,57 EUR per liter
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