Ferruccio Biondi Santi was the first to introduce an organic and rational management of the “Greppo” estate. His decision to graft the company's new vines with the Sangiovese Grosso clone, which he had selected himself, was of great importance. The farm, which today covers 47 hectares in Greppo and 105 hectares in Pieri, has 19 hectares of vines planted only with Sangiovese Grosso, of which around 12 hectares are old vines (planted between 1930 and 1972) and 7 hectares are younger Vines (planted in 1988/89) and 6 hectares of very young vines (planted in 2000/2001). The south- or west-facing, lettuce-rich soils are preferred to the too-growing plots, and the former are used for olive groves, seeds and forests.

The old vineyards are planted with a planting distance of m 3 x 1.50, i.e. 2,222 vines per hectare: the young vineyards, on the other hand, of m 2.60 x 1.30 and have 2 vines per location, i.e. 5,900 vines per hectare. The vines are trained horizontally on both sides in a wire frame, thus 25/35,000 eyes per hectare. The vineyards are tended with the utmost care by highly qualified staff. The main operations are: the thinning of the grapes before the veraison and the manual selection of the grapes during the harvest, since only the best quality grapes are used to produce Brunello.

Villa Greppo, 183
53024 Montalcino - Siena
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