Giovanni Almondo

Giovanni Almondo
The Almondo family has been registered in the registers of the municipality of Montà since the 14th century. The Almondos have always lived in the Località Vittori di Montà, the heart of today's Arneis vines and at the time the epicenter of rural life. In addition to the white vines, the cultivation of which has been documented by legislation over the centuries, the area has always been considered exceptional for asparagus, strawberries and peaches. Similar to these cultures, the Arneis de Montà is characterized by aromas and richness of taste.

After graduating as an agricultural scientist in 1980, it was Domenico Almondo who brought the impetus for high-quality viticulture to the small family winery. His ambition was to create an Arneis that is both elegant and distinctive in character; in other words, a contemporary white wine. This led to the first experiments with the certainty of modern technology: temperature control, use of inert gases in all cellar work, careful management of the reduction process and the yeast.

These processes create the Almondo Style, a style composed of impressive aromas, fragrance and minerality.

Azienda Agricola Giovanni Almondo
di Domenico Almondo
Via San Rocco, 26 – 12046 Montà (CN)
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