Torre Raone

Torre Raone
At Torre Raone Winery, ancient methods and traditions meet modern winemaking techniques to produce wines of the highest quality. The estate's vineyards and olive groves serve as a crossroads for the air currents coming from the west, where the sun sets behind the unmistakable silhouette of the Gran Sasso d'Italia (the Sleeping Beauty for Gabriele D'Annunzio) from the south-east on the slopes of the Maiella and to the north-east on the Adriatic Sea which laps the coasts of Abruzzo.

In this territorial context, which is also full of lived history, as testified by the Sveva Tower that still exists on the estate, it is unthinkable not to aspire to the sublime.

These conditions, essential for the production of high quality wines, combined with the healthy vocation and great experience of the owners of the winery, are a guarantee of a production aimed at capturing all the power, character, aromas and sensations of the To transfer products to the admirers: sincere and authentic.

Cultivation methods are totally non-invasive and focus on the need to enhance the natural characteristics of the native vineyards and olive groves. This is the company's main objective, to improve the typical products of the region, which the widespread production techniques, which are more focused on quantity than quality, often fail to do justice to. For example, another reflection of the fundamental principles that govern the activity of the winery at the Torre Raone winery is the very limited use of barriques. This is to avoid suffocating the elegant and delicate aromas and natural flavors characteristic of the wine with aggressive olfactory and gustatory sensations originating from the various wood essences.

Via Scannella, 65014
Loreto Aprutino PE, Italien
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