Pierre Mignon

Pierre Mignon
The Pierre Mignon champagne house is located in Le Breuil, a stronghold of Pinot Meunier cultivation in the Marne Valley. The House of Pierre Mignon, which looks back on 5 generations of winegrowers, is based in Le Breuil and relies on tradition and innovation in the development of its exceptional champagnes.

Pierre and Yveline Mignon are proud heirs of a know-how passed from father to son. They run the family winery and work together with their two children: Céline is responsible for export and commercial relations, while Jean-Charles takes care of the vineyards and the wines.

The 18 hectares of vineyards are located in the best locations in Champagne (Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs, Epernay region). The grape varieties are mainly Pinot Meunier (50%). In addition, there are Chardonnay on 40% of the plots and Pinot Noir on the remaining 10% of the area.

The typicity and the diversity of the terroirs produce great champagnes full of character.

Champagne Pierre Mignon
5, rue des Grappaes d’Or
51210 Le Brueil - France
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